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ShenZhen Creativity Technology Co.,Ltd Description:
Creativity is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in 3D printer design, R&D, production, sales, spare parts and 3D printer related derivatives. The company is committed to the development and innovation of the 3D printer market for individuals, families, education, The company provides an efficient and affordable 3D printing solution to meet each customer's requirements for efficiency, quality and rapid prototyping.
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Nathy Paniccia

The accessories have been received, and the logistics speed is very fast. Thank you very much. I have installed the upgrade kit I purchased, and the printing accuracy of my Ender3 printer has been greatly improved.

Kevin Armel Diera

The nozzle I purchased has been received, and the logistics speed is very fast Without a doubt, worth the upgrade. I can now quick change CHT nozzles, which have been a boon for my prints. Great stuff.

Felipe Hidalgo

Waited a bit before I reviewed this item. I bought this to test high speed printing for aerospace applications on the X1C, and it's been pretty amazing so far. Where I wasn't as comfortable with using the X1Cs sport and ludicrous print settings before, lest my time go to waste with a shoddy print, I'm pretty comfortable jacking the speeds up now. I'm not going to say it's been perfect, but the flow from the nozzle has been steady regardless of the speed, and print quality has definitely gone up. Great parts, and well worth the cost.

Alex Dye

These nozzles are nice. They will last with abrasive filament for quite a while. Works well. Will be nice to not have to replace an entire assembly for just a nozzle
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