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PLA is also known as polylactide and belongs to the polyester family. PLA is a polymer obtained from the polymerisation of lactic acid as the main raw material, which is sourced from sufficient and renewable sources, mainly from maize and cassava. The production process of PLA is pollution-free and the product is biodegradable and recyclable in nature, making it an ideal green polymer.

PLA is thermally stable, with a processing temperature of 170-230°C. It has good solvent resistance and can be processed in various ways, such as extrusion, spinning, biaxial stretching, injection blow moulding.

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ABS Plastic 3D Print...

ABS Plastic 3D Print...

$29.54 $34.35 Ex Tax: $29.54

Please note: We will be shipping 1.75mm,Please tell me what you need colors,ABS, Thank you! Please leave a message in your new order what you want, otherwise we randomly send ShenZhen Creativity Technology Co.,Ltd Description:      Creativity is an innovative h..

3D Filament PLA Opti... 3D Filament PLA Opti...

3D Filament PLA Opti...

$30.68 $35.68 Ex Tax: $30.68

Features :Product description:This product adopts full biodegradable polylactic acid as the main raw material, is the company specifically for FDM 3 d form a complete set of design and production of printer consumables. Color:Black, White, Blue, Red, Green,Yellow, orange,Pink,Purple,Gold,WoodDi..

3D Printer Filament ... 3D Printer Filament ...

3D Printer Filament ...

$28.83 $33.52 Ex Tax: $28.83

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate - 1, 4 - cyclohexane 2 methyl ester) material performance characteristics:1, high transparency;2, high pervious to light;3, high gloss;4, good toughness;5, the working temperature of 200-240 degrees.If you need a filament of other colors, please contact us. ShenZh..

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