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Bed Sticker LabX1 PEI Plate 257X257mm Double Side Smooth PEO + Textured PEI Steel Sheet For LabX1C 3d printer P1P P1SSpring Steel Sheet Build Plate

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  • Product Code: Lab X1 257X257mm Double Side Bed Sticker
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Tags: Bed Sticker, Double Side Build Plate, 257X257mm, Bambu, LabX1


257x257 PEO/PEI Sheet For Bambulab P1P/X1/X1C/P1S/A1


Compatible Filaments:

  • Smooth PEO/PEI surface can print PLA.
  • Textured PEI surface can print PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU, ect. High Resistance The PEO/PEI print bed surface is resistant to high temperature 120℃ and the PEI coating surface is 190℃.
  • Special Design: Excellent Double-Sided Textured PEI And Smooth PEO/PEI Spring Steel Build Plate Design Stronger Magnetic Adhesion, 3d printer bed more flexible and resistant to bending.
  • Great first-layer adhesion: make sure the model can be firmly attached to the surface of the print platform.
  • Magnetic: 3D printer bed platforms had solid adhesion and print well.
  • Easy to Clean: 3d printer bed use a soft cloth to clean the dust, gently wipe the stain with low concentration of alcohol

How to use?

Step1: Stick the magnetic base to your build plate by peeling off the backing paper and sticking it to your bed.

Step2: Place the steel plate onto the magnetic sheet. Keep the side with PEI/PEO/PET facing up to print on.

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